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Follower View

Adds a custom view which displays Followed, CC'd or Assigned tickets.

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Zendesk has a couple of ways to keep agents informed on whats happens to their tickets. When using CCs, you are allowing agents to copy in other users or agents when replying to ticket notifications by email. Similar, when you enable followers, you allow agents to receive email notifications about updates to the ticket, but their names and email addresses do not appear in email notifications to other people on the ticket. They remain invisible to external end users. You can find more information on this core Zendesk feature via this Zendesk support article.

Even though the Follower function makes it easy for agents to stay in the loop, currently there is no way to incorporate the Follower function in views in your support interface. Agents who want to quickly check tickets they are followers of need to navigate to their profile and filter tickets there or start looking to their mailbox. Which is not very efficient.

Follower view

This application adds a shortcut to the left navigation bar of your Support interface. . Clicking this button opens a brand new view that gives the agent quick access to all their followed, ccd, requested or assigned tickets.

The views include status, last update date, subject and requester information.

Clicking any ticket in the view opens it in new tab in the Support interface.

You can also bulk Unfollow or remove yourselfs as a CC from all or a select set of tickets to prevent futue emails about that topic reaching you.

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