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Satisfaction Score

Show recent ticket ratings of the current requester in the sidebar

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Your customers can provide feedback about their support experience by rating their solved tickets. When you enable CSAT (customer satisfaction ratings), end-users receive an email 24 hours after the ticket has been set to solved that asks them to briefly evaluate their experience.

Agent Experience

Your agents can only see feedback for tickets in Explore or when opening a ticket that has gotten feedback.

In other words, they need to actively go look for feedback.

But what happens when a customer that has recently left feedback creates a new ticket? What if that customer was extremely unsatisfied in the last ticket? Or, he is generally a happy customer, but had one or two bad experiences with similar requests. Wouldn't you want to know?

Introducing Satisfaction Score

The Satisfaction Score app shows a customer's satisfaction score right next to an open ticket. It calculates a percentage based on all feedback given (or optionally recent feedback of the last month) and lists the 5 most recent tickets with a clear good/bad indicator.

This way your agents can immediately see how this customer experienced your customer care in the past and maybe adjust their response accordingly.

If your agents need more info they can open any recent ticket with a single click in a new tab.


This app requires Zendesk Support Professional, Enterprise or Elite due to its dependency on the Satisfaction feature.

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